By providing both a design and construction service allows for a streamlined and simplified landscaping process that guarantees integrity and happy clients.

  • Design

    It is important to plan a landscape that is appropriate for its intended use, climate conditions and clients preferences. A landscape design is formulated after gathering information such as wants, needs, styles, budget and environment. This design can then be used as a base for calculation of a quote for construction work.

  • Construction

    Liz Filmer Landscaping focuses on delivering construction to the highest quality. Attention to detail and quality is maintained by Liz being hands on with all construction activities. We understand how intrusive construction work at your home can be so we ensure a continual stream of communication and treat you, your property and environment with discretion and respect.

  • Commercial

    Liz also operates Filmer Group Pty Ltd which offers demolition, civil and landscaping services to the commercial sector. Go to